Poster Presentations

These are posters created for Cochrane Events, symposiums and colloquiums.  The posters highlight particularly important reviews, research untaken by work experience students and the alternative work of the CSzG, such as the outcome of programming work conducted by Information Management and Healthcare students from Ulm University.


Mental health services for serious mental illness: a map of randomised controlled trials

The financial cost of Cochrane meetings: an inexpensive year in the UK (2018-19) 

Cacophany of Outcome Scales in Schizophrenia


Development of workable solutions to overcome known limitations of Overview Methodology

Extracting large sets of data from systematic reviews developing a basis for extracting, storing and using information on trials


Video games for schizophrenia: a systematic review


Are estimates of adverse effects within randomised trials necessary?

Is Cochrane Wikipedia compatible?

@Cochranecollab - almost one year of postings: a survey


Cochrane blog and Twitter: China Style

Tweeting links to Cochrane Schizophrenia Group trials

Automatize or perish


Physical restraints versus seclusion room for management of people with acute aggression or agitation due to psychotic illness (TREC-SAVE)

Catch 22: Is the future of systematic reviewing only for the experienced?


Online interest in Cochrane: data from Google Trends

Google  searching: a consistency test

Intermittent Drug Techniques for Schizophrenia

Ferret reborn library holdings linkage to CRS

Medication Reminder Apps in Android and Apple

Prevalence of ‘significant’ findings from trials from a well-defined group of institutions


Economic evaluation in systematic reviews. What is the cochrane schizophrenia group doing?

Editing in RevMan: it could be so easier

From an empty review to a full trial: Not a painful extraction

The three shires early intervention dental trial: A real world cluster randomised controlled trial

So - how many reviews do you have to do?


Physical health monitoring for people with serious mental illness. A Cochrane systematic review

Updating Cochrane reviews: A case report

Systematic Review Service - Your gateway to Chinese research


Wealth not health: Schizophrenia trials by country by GDP


Chlorpromazine dose for people with schizophrenia: a cochrane review

The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group (CSzG) specialised register

The Cochrane ark - are there animal studies hiding in central

Meerkat 1.4 - and beyond

Thai online bibliographical biomedical databases

Yoda or Bambi? Is experience vital for a Cochrane review author?


Loss to outcomes stakeholder survey: The LOSS study


Aripiprazole for schizophrenia: A Cochrane review

CENTRAL Hellis: Searching for lost trials of South East Asia

Haloperidol IM vs haloperidol + promethazine IM for acute agitation/aggression: A randomized controlled trial (Trec-Rio-ll: ISRCTN83261243)

Randomised trials relevant to people with schizophrenia: A survey of studies published in Chinese literature - ll

Risperidone versus olanzapine for people with schizophrenia: A Cochrane systematic review

Study-based registers


Finding hard copy papers for PRACTIHC or one fast way of buidling a hard copy register

Local, national and international pragmatic randomised trials

Randomised trials relevant to people with schizophrenia: A survey of studies published in Chinese literature


Depot risperidone for people with schizophrenia: A cochrane review

Haloperidol dose for the acute phase of schizophrenia: A Cochrane review

Olanzapine IM or velotab for acutely disturbed/agitated people with suspected serious mental illnesses : A Cochrane review

Prompts to encourage outpatient attendance: A pragmatic randomised trial


Publishing patterns of the four drugs most commonly reported in schizophrenia trials: A case of the 3 Cs?


'As required' medication regimens for seriously mentally ill hospital inpatients: A Cochrane review

Depot antipsychotic medication for people with schizophrenia: Cochrane systematc reviews

The EU Mental Health Library

Haloperidol vs placebo for schizophrenia: A cochrane review

National affluence and productivity of schizophrenia trials: An ecological study

PROMPTS: A randomised controlled trial of prompts to attend clinic for people with serious mental illness

Prompts to encourage appointment attendance for people with serious mental illnesses: A Cochrane review

TREC: 3. The protocol and progress of TREC


Nightmare in Summertown: Moving an editorial base


Automated translation of abstracts using free internet software packages or Cochrane and the Tower of Babel

Crisis intervention for those with serious mental illnesses: A Cochrane review

Ferrets and meerkats

Olanzapine for schizophrenia: A Cochrane systematic review

Outside inside

Sulpiride for schizophrenia: A Cochrane systematic review